Family Drama

I was watching an old Hindi serial today, about people staying in joint families.

It took me back to my childhood days and early twenties, when we all use to sit and watch the show together, by all I mean all! oh btw I have grown up in a joint family too.

Initially I was enjoying and really missing my good old days as well. But as the time passed I realized, how long we all have moved on and where we are.

Today I am staying alone in my flat, my parents stay 40 min away from me and Grandma is in India and my uncle stays with his wife and kids.

It’s weird na? how certain things make you familiar with older times, for a brief moment, I wanted to call everyone and ask them to stay together, Again!

Only realizing later, those were different times and now we have grown up and apart as well. For god sake even the child actress in that show has got engaged! 😛

Life may not be all happy now, but at times, some old things do make us happier for a short time. But eventually I think the comfort lies in today!